Gabrielle's Personality Chairs, these opulent thrones & sculptures are priamrily made out of several Millions of D-Marks and Euros - shredded money bills are converted into utter beauty.

"The only way to feel comfortable & relaxed while sitting on money" (G. Clark)

While building them she simultaneously strives to make them feel good to the touch, but also to give the owner room to unite with phantasies not usually spawned by the possession of money just by allowing him/ her to sit on the thrones comfortably.

It definitely changes your perspective & outlook on life once you dared to enter a symbiosis with these smooth beautiful creations - Personality chairs made for true personalities - a bold statement, confirmed by the extraordinary collectors worldwide.


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Personality Chair sculpture Extravaganza OCTOFISH

Personality Chair extravaganza "OCTOFISH" - one of the finest works from Gabrielle Clark's studio

Delivery weight: 60 kg

Personality Chair Skulpture LEOPATRA G. Clark

Personality Chair Sculpture " LEOPATRA " by Gabrielle Clark - a Leopard throne to ensconce yourself comfortably on

Delivery weight: 70 kg

Personality Chair The Bull VI - Sculpture Throne

Personality Chair The Bull VI radiating strength & gentleness, masculin & inviting: Exceptional Art to physically enjoy & relax in

Personality Chair Skulpture "Miss Butterfly"

Personality Chair Sculpture "Miss Butterfly" by Gabrielle Clark - a butterfly throne to fly to your dreams

Delivery weight: 70 kg

Monumental Throne - Sculpture Longing for Serenity

Monumental Throne - Sculpture "Longing for Serenity"

Delivery weight: 100 kg
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